Sunday, September 29, 2013

Green Houppelande

Yesterday a protestant monastery nearby held a public event centered around medieval culture including lute music, readings - and us dancing! I finished my green overdress in time and wore it with a stuffed roll hat in green (albeit cotton) velvet.

I had made the hat before getting the fabric for the houppelande when I was planning on red wool, so I'm going to make a new one that isn't quite so matchy-matchy.

But now on to some pictures (click on them for a bigger version):

I love the pleats at the waist!
I'm going to taper the sleeves a bit towards the end, as the fullness proved to be a bit annoying, and am planning on adding fur to them as well. The slight train is hard to manoeuver in some dances, but I love it too much, so I'm keeping it.

This was my inspiration board for the overdress (from back when I hadn't settled on the exact date, so there are a few late examples in the mix):


  1. It, and you, looks very lovely!

  2. Wow, that is stunning! The color is amazing on you, and you really make the style look un-costumey, which is saying something, because that style can come off really costumey!

    1. Oooh, thanks! That's what I'm trying to achieve, so I'm excited to hear it's working :-)