Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pannier planning & steampunk adventures

I've been getting some real life sewing done (a dress I wore to my boyfriend's grandmother's 80th birthday, a hand puppet for my goddaughter, some much needed alterations) but neglected costuming for a bit, thinking I had to buy new fabric for the big panniers...
Then I sat down and sketched, based on my waist size (an idea I got from this post by Lauren of This is what I came up with:

Turns out the linen in my stash is enough... so I'm fresh out of excuses.

Some costuming has been going on despite the sewing pause: Last weekend, some friends and I went to a museum to see Germany's first steampunk exhibit. It was quite nice and an occasion to dress up is always welcome.
I wore my hair in a simple braided updo and dressed in a rather severe style in black and white with no drapery. The bustle and skirt are by me, the blouse is a second hand folk costume one.

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