Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lübeck: Dancing in Houppelandes and general merriment

Last weekend, Lübeck in Northern Germany hosted this year's International Hanseatic Day to celebrate the common history of hanseatic cities all across Europe. The original Hanseatic League started out in the 13th century as an association of merchants which then developed into a league of cities. By the 17th century, it had lost its significance, but since the 1980s the idea has been revived - nowadays the league's aim is to form new ties of friendship and collaboration between member cities and promote European unity.

As citizens of another member of the league, we performed ten dances that originate in the times of the original Hanseatic League, accompanied by the wonderful "Lüneburger Stadtpfeiferey", a woodwind group.

We worked up quite a sweat since the weather was extremely nice, but it was great fun and afterwards, Tobi & I explored the Hansa Market with stalls from 120 cities and the medieval & renaissance camp site near the cathedral.

Comparing fashions at the stall from Viljandi (Estonia), where the next event will be held.

Later that night, the plague struck...

Some details:
My new poulaines (machine sewn out of leather I had lying around to test the fit, which was a good idea since they're a tad wide)

My new veil from behind, now finished with a hand rolled hem instead of hasty machine tacking.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Masked ball & new medieval veil & houppelande changes

While the pannier is currently on ice until I've decided if I like the size (and until the more pressing projects are done, to be honest), I've got some photos to share.

First there was a Venetian carnevale style masked ball for which I threw together a "Victorian Vampire" costume out of my normal & costume closets and made a mask. It's great fun to dance the waltz in a bustle!

Then some friends and I went to a ren faire/ medieval market thing and I made some changes to the green houppelande. I had been given an old fur stole by someone from my historical dance troupe, so now the trim is a dark brown. I also wanted a "brode harnysed girdille" and because my friends ran late, I made one out of scraps. Eventually, I want to exchange it for a tablet woven silk one, but I'd need to learn tablet weaving first...
(There aren't many photos of me, so this is rather bad - sorry)

The veil is a take on a painting by Rogier van der Weyden and I was quite happy when a lady walked up to me and told me she thought it was great.

I was wonderfully warm thanks to the woolen dress, hose, and my new pattens (of which I forgot to take a picture) - that made my boyfriend quite happy, because it meant he could steal my cloak. Now he's finally convinced I was right when I told him he needed pattens, too. This is him, with his chaperon that didn't like the wind: