Saturday, September 7, 2013

A little view back

I thought I'd share some photos of old costumes, as it's still really empty around here.

I'm in a group that meets every week to practice dances across the centuries - mostly just for fun, but some weeks ago we had a performance at a summer party a home for the elderly in the region held.
I'm in my underpetticoat in these pictures - I had finished the white petticoat with ruffles I should have worn to fit in with my group the night before, but put it on a hanger after ironing... and then forgot the hanger in the living room. Oh well...
My hair looked less patchy in real life, I swear! I really didn't want to wear the nylon wigs the rest wears, but there was some fear I might stick out with my dark hair, so I didn't just powder it a little like usual, but sprayed the heck out of it.

The dress is made from Ikea bedsheets (I was on a budget and like the flowers) using the J.P. Ryan Anglaise pattern.

I also painted a fan, following this one from the Met quite closely but used dancing figures adapted from "Le Bal Paré" by Antoine Jean Duclos for the scene in the middle.

And for something completely different: A dress based on 15th century Burgundian clothing (except for the shift's neckline which isn't correct). I love the reproduction thimble, even if I'm holding it in a weird way in the photo.
The dress was an adventure because I persuaded my boyfriend to help me drape a mockup directly on my body. It worked fine in the end, though. He's a gem. (Did I mention he also does my hair for 18th century purposes?)

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